Campbell΄s Stores The Rocks District, Sydney



The Rocks District, Sydney

PPPs with the Government of New South Wales

The Rocks” is one of Sydney’s most historic districts, located in the same bay and across the famous Opera House.
Campbell Stores, which is a complex of 11 three-storey buildings – warehouses of 19th-century Victorian-Georgian colonial-style architecture, is also situated on “the Rocks”. The complex is dated from 1839 and owned by the Sydney Harbor Organization.

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The upgrade and utilization project of the area included the complete restoration – renovation of the preserved buildings, the refurbishment of the surrounding yard and their commercial development.

LIDIS has undertaken the coordination on behalf of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company and the project management while the construction and restoration of the buildings has been assigned to the construction company Build Corp Interiors.

The project was awarded the NSW Master Builders Excellence in Construction Awards, both for its construction, architectural achievement and its commercial outcome. It also utilized and highlighted the historic site so it was added to the New South Wales Heritage Registry.

Campbell Stores complex now consists of offices, shops, luxury restaurants and entertainment venues, while it is considered to be a reference point for the Australian citizens and the visitors in Sydney.

The project budget was € 26 million and its completion lasted four years (2015 -2019, it was delivered in December).