Rhodes Peninsular Rhodes Peninsula Area, Sydney



Rhodes Peninsula Area, Sydney

PPPs with the Government of New South Wales
LIDIS company participated in one of Australia’s most important environmental projects which took place on the Rhodes Peninsular in Sydney.

The marine area of the peninsula has been contaminated with dioxin due to the outflow of industrial waste for decades since World War II and the area around the coastal zone of the Homebush waterfront, was considered to be as one of the most degraded industrial areas in the country.

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LIDIS, along with three other companies, cooperated with the New South Wales Government – and the Ministries of Environment, Health, Infrastructure in order to clean up the sea area, restore the coastal environment and rebuild the peninsula so as to create a new residential zone on the peninsula.

The launch of the environmental restoration work followed a five-year research, study and planning process and it included extensive consultation with the local community. The community, represented by the Rhodes Community Committee (RCC), played a key role in both the design process and the choice of the cleaning technology, by selecting the use of the advanced Indirect Thermal Desorption (ITD) method.

Rhodes community, after the area redevelopment, finally received a modern and highly architectural aesthetic settlement of houses, shops and public areas which upgraded the once downgraded Homebush Bay that was transformed into a prosperous area in New South Wales with residential surplus value and exceptional commercial and tourist activity. Marine clean-up and environmental restoration work exceeded € 70 million.

The project budget was € 150 million ( LIDIS participation), with mixed-use development – 250 apartments, shops, conference areas –  its implementation lasted for five years (1999-2004).