Hellenic Venues is an independent investment and project development fund, specializing in infrastructure related to Culture, Tourism, Education, Society and Innovation by applying sustainable development practices.

The company adopts the ESG (Environmental, Social, corporate Governance) investment philosophy and demonstrates   its responsibility towards the Environment, Society and Corporate Governance by contributing to sustainability.

Having these guidelines, Hellenic Venues implements and manages Cultural and Conference Tourism infrastructures and is active in real estate management construction projects for the public and private sectors with respect to the environment and social citizens’ needs (related to gender equality and accessibility, disability rights, sustainability in everyday life).


Project development and management with respect to the environment


We put the Environmental protection on top of our priorities. By applying the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) in our investments, construction and their management, we ensure that we do not pollute the atmosphere, make proper use of water, apply recycling and energy efficiency processes and techniques, while, at the same time, we give particular attention to the accessibility, equal participation and treatment of people with disabilities focusing on projects and activities through the use of advanced and innovative technological methods.

We utilize and manage public infrastructure, facilities and real estate
archaeological sites, tourist kiosks, monuments and buildings of modern culture